Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

#1 Post by MicrowavedGerbil » Thu Sep 28, 2023 2:29 pm

Hello, guys! Now I know this isn't the target audience but as a horror fan I believe most of us have a love for the 80's.. and I know we all here share that. TCM isn't from the 80s of course but it's a classic horror flick non the less. I was wondering if anyone by any chance has seen or even play it. I love it, it's definitely a love letter to us hardcore texas chain saw fans. It stayes true to its nature ect. I love the fact that edwin neal respirsed his role as the hitchicker. Greg nicotero also has been hands on this project as well. anyhow. It's great! They are expanding the lore, quite well tbh.. it's Made to be a prequel to the original, 4 month before the events of the first film.. the story is quite cool and crosses over with the events of the original film.


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