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Red State

Postby perkana » Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:31 am


Today, you can watch Red State IN YOUR HOUSE!

That's right; you are a few remote control clicks away from seeing the flick I love so much that I've been yammering about for over a year! This is the movie we self-distributed through SModcast Pictures, starring Michael Parks, John Goodman, and Melissa Leo! This is the movie we took on kick-ass tours across America and Canada! And now, this is the flick every major and minor Video-On-Demand platform is making available to you RIGHT NOW!

Get some friends together this weekend and have yourselves a RED STATE watching party, or peep this chiller out while you're alone in the dark!

You may love it, you may hate it - but this much is for certain: you haven't seen anything like it this year...

So check out the flick on VOD and cruise over to and pre-order the DVD/BluRay. We bundled together some sweet packages for sale that include signed scripts, posters, and even costumes from the flick!

Check out the trailer and a ton of treats over at [url][/url] and go watch Red State RIGHT NOW on any of THESE Video-On-Demand platforms...

But fair warning: this is not a comedy, like Clerks or Mallrats.

Red State is a horror movie.

Like Jersey Girl.

Boo, like a spooky ghost!


[youtube]uJ1v6oFHefc [/youtube]
youtube didn't work go to:
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